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bubbe and poppy were in town last weekend. the weather was bad, the cubs lost (the rockies won!), but we made great apple pie, chocolate cake and butternut squash soup.

and tilly would spend all day reading at the bookstore if you let her.

crafting together

there was a little crafting tonight – and i love when we are sitting next to each other working on our own projects. tilly and sydney were doing melty beads and i was cutting and folding cardstock. i'm about to make 200 notecards for tilly's preschool this week – better get moving.

next in line…

I'm sure he's never thought of himself as being in the middle but in this group he is…

My second brother is just a little younger then me (although still willing to break bones which I'm not).

Another excellent Uncle – I was so proud of him getting his shoes wet on a bitterly cold Chicago Thanksgiving to build his little niece a sandcastle. (That's true 'best uncle' competition spirit – and love!)

Did I mention I’m an only child…

… and that I happen to have 5 brothers.

This is a picture of my eldest brother (in front of a big cloud off of Mount St. Helens – that's cool).

We spent a great deal of time together as kids playing Super Mario, eating chinese food (or mac and cheese if we had to cook). He's turned into a great uncle – he can sit on the floor for hours and play (he's pretty happy to have an excuse to play with the playdough and paints).

I guess I'll have to start a series here – it's a good place to begin!