Monthly Archives: February 2007

A Family that skis together…

Baby Girl finished her first set of ski lessons a couple weeks ago so we’ve started taking her out ourselves. It’s a little funny because we both snowboard, but she’s so good! And it’s so unbelievably fun to all go out on the hill together. Expect a lot of gratuitous baby skiing shots…

still hooking

I’m not sure I love this bag… I think maybe the colors should be more ‘fun’ for this pattern. But – I am loving crochet again and the simple pattern. There is something so nice about just hooking over and over again – and I like changing colors. We’ll see how the finishing goes…


Valentine’s Day is big in my family. Not in a romantic way – certainly Baby Girl would not be so interested. More in a how much red stuff can we buy kind of way.

So for Baby Girl’s first school Valentine’s Day party we could not just hand out the little white envelope cards with her “T” written on them. (Although since my mom is the instigator of this love of the day we do own the Barbie cards, My Little Pony cards and Olivia cards – thanks Mom!)

We have nice valentine’s from paper source (thanks mom!), in little cellophane bags, with candy and party favors. Baby Girl and I had great fun sorting and stuffing all the little bags. I hope they fit in the kids little mailboxes they made!

new steps

For the past six years I’ve worked at an arts center as an administrator and gallery coordinator. I’ve overseen reams of paper and truckloads of art work. It’s been a lot of fun – I work with good people and we work on a gorgeous old sheep ranch on four acres in the mountains. But as of yesterday everyone knows that I’m moving on…

I’m really excited!

(one of the people I’ve worked with for years brought me this book as a present. people can be so amazingly thoughtful and generous!)

and crocheting too!

I have another project going too – the crochet clutch from Happy Hooker. The Boy was very sweet and picked out this yarn as a little present one day.

I learned to crochet before I learned to knit. But since I started knitting I haven’t crocheted since. I felt like I should pick it up again before it’s completely gone from my brain. I still had to look up a bunch of how-to in the book. The book is fabulous by the way. I’ve really been enjoying the repetitive, simplicity of the pattern.

Shrug In Action

I completed Baby Girl’s shrug from the Hello Yarn handspun. She likes it – which is fabulous! (The leg warmers have yet to see a second wearing.) It looks great with a white t-shirt (although she was willing to put it on for pics so who was I to complain about it with the brown polka dots). It’s such an easy knit for a chunky handspun and she gets the charm of the basically useless girlish accessory! I knit it in one piece on two circulars (cast off, then one circular, cast on and two circulars).