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small needs – small crafts

Baby Girl likes to put everything to bed. We’ve been making sleeping bags for a long time. I kind of like the latest – for McD’s Oz toys or Princess Polly’s – cute fabric with wool felt lining – quick and easy makes a happy baby (and mommy!).

new craft

Baby Girl is getting into crafts – I suppose it would be hard for her not to notice my completely overwhelimg and overgrown craft area in the back of our house. Our new most favorite acitivity has to be melty beads. I want to be patient and let her do them on her own, but really, I just want to make my own…

coffee cards

…still hoping the magazine thing happens at the end of this month, I added some notecards to my etsy store today. I goccoed one of my favorite coffee mugs onto red and pink Paper Source cardstock. Printing with the gocco is such instant satisfaction and Paper Source makes such beautiful colors – I’m always happy at the end of the night when I have a table full of new cards!

late gifties

One of the many joys of the large Colorado storms was holiday gifts coming late…so this book just arrived this week. The Boy is definitely one of the best gift givers I know – it’s fun being lucky!

gifts given

I made my two closest friends at work wrist warmers for the holidays. I used the pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. It’s a fun easy pattern – i like knitting a 2×2 rib and this one kind of spirals. I was told that they fit well. I made each from one skein too with just a tiny bit left.

p.s. she’s having a boy!

crafty holidays

The Boy has been good to me this hannukah with lots of cool crafty items. Yesterday he gave me two sampler packs of japanese fabric from Fabric Tales. The fabircs are so remarkably gorgeous I can’t believe they have to come from so far away. I am so excited to have them.

small details

People have been really nice to me the past few days. I’m definitely behind at work and I have so much personal stuff I want to take care of – it’s been such a treat to feel like the little things have made people think of me… so with that in mind I want to be sure I’m appreciative of those who have been good to me all year…. I made one more monogrammed sock bag for a kind soul…it’ll be in the mail tomorrow…(I can’t show the initial or it wouldn’t be a surprise, but it’s in the lower corner, sshhh!)