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fall in the mountains

There hasn’t been a lot of crafting (although I may have learned to knit two socks at once…) because I’ve been learning Dreamweaver – web design, etc… It’s pretty interesting and a fun way to get to play with design.

Fall is beautiful in the mountains though. And there has been a lot of enjoying the fall.
All photo credits go to The Boy this post.

small socks

I finished the matching socks for Baby Girl. It was super fun to knit little socks because they go fast! It’s definitely a little silly – matching socks – but her little chubby morning legs look a lot cuter in the socks than mine!

the most beautiful morning of the year

It was 38 degrees when we woke up…definitely a little cold for September – but this weekend was the Hot Air Balloon Festival. The Boy took tons of pictures! I tried to take Baby Girl in the balloon just for a 50 foot tethered ride, but as soon as they started the fire (it’s really loud!) she had Daddy grab her out. He was still able to get a picture of me which was nice. (I’m not in that red balloon on the right, but it was a great shot!) Baby Girl loved getting her face painted and playing in the bounce house at 8:30 in the morning.

Knit Night September

Monday night I invited some girlfriends over to knit, eat, drink wine – chat! It was a lovely night. The Boy made the most amazing food. For starters we had sweet potato empanadas, wild salmon cakes and roasted edamame. For dinner he made fresh roasted acorn squash soup and handmade green chile tortilla soup (with roasted chiles from the farmer’s market!). The food was fabulous! I know we all ate too much. I made pear tarts too and almost everyone had dessert. There was a little knitting, some yarn winding and a lot of talking and drinking. After cooking for hours The Boy even took care of the girls so the mom’s could knit for a little bit. The whole night was really special. It was great to get back into knitting with fall just outside. I think we’ll do it again in November before the holiday rush.

still another cool web toy

As a side note – I’ve been crafting a little less – so I can devote more time to learning html and web design. The Boy gets some call for it in his business and I’ve really been enjoying helping with the design work. One of the biggest choices each time is picking colors – which I love! The ReadyMade blog linked to Eric Meyer’s blog today and a tool he created called the Color Blender. Plug in two colors (hex or rgb) and it shows you a spectrum in between – easy and fun!

Rainy fall weekend

It doesn’t rain here that much – except this weekend. It rained most of the weekend and Baby Girl and The Boy both had colds.

The scrub oaks on the hillside opposite our house have almost all turned – yellows, ochres, burnt orange – it’s really beautiful, but I don’t want fall to move to fast.

We spent a lot of time inside making up games, etc… Standard for winter, but tough on the imagination after having such an easy summer of always playing outside. We wrapped the table so we could all paint and draw. The Boy and I ended doing all the drawing while Baby GIrl walked away to play games. It’s funny how often we find ourselves playing alone while she’s moved on to other things.

I made a Fluffy Apple Pancake from one of the Moosewood cookbooks late one morning (11-ish).
It was really easy and delish! A great fall breakfast. (I was a little sad… when I took it out of the oven it was all puffy and beautiful. When I came back a few minutes later it had collapsed. It still tasted good, but it would be nice to keep it all puffy and lovely.)

With all of us around the house all weekend I was able to start knitting again too! Baby Girl has wanted a pair of socks to match mine ever since I made them last March. So the truth is that we spent most of the weekend trying the sock on. Every couple rows she would ask to put the sock on. She had great fun!

She even asked me to show her how to knit. She’s just 3, but I know some kids learn at 4 and 5 years old. We tried, but honestly – neither of us had the patience.

I love fall!

new knitting toy

I am so excited to have a swift and winder. It just arrived today and I waited for Baby Girl to go to bed to use it. I love it!!!

***There were no directions with the swift and I thought I must be missing something because I thought it was a fuss…and then I realized I was beyond goofy…the second ball was much faster to wind then the first… Posted by Picasa

little red schoolhouse

I mentioned previously that I made some new gocco cards for a fundraiser for Baby Girl’s school. She attends the Little Red Schoolhouse 3 days a week.

It’s an actual 100 year old schoolhouse about a block from where I work. The arts center I work at sits on a 100 year old sheep ranch and the wife of the rancher was the teacher at the little red. We live in a small town with a lot of history.

I turned this picture into two screens for my gocco printer. I love making gocco cards – the simple clean lines and bold fields of color really appeal to my aesthetic. I also really like when the screens are a little mis-aligned.