Monthly Archives: July 2006

my little painted pony

Baby Girl picked out this pony from the face painting lady the other day. I watched her paint. Baby Girl was so happy – she looked beautiful.

When I was little my Dad and Stepmom took me to a festival where I had a purple and white unicorn painted on my face. In my memory it was beautifully painted, took forever and probably cost a fortune.

It didn’t take this lady very long to paint Baby Girl’s pony the other night (and it was just a few dollars). I wonder what the unicorn on my face looked like really? Our childhood memories often seem so different when we get a chance to view them again as adults.

This week

Gallery end wall, originally uploaded by cafe crafty.

We are preparing for our biggest fundraiser of the year at work – our annual auction. So I spent this week installing art into the main gallery. We don’t usually have so much big work, but when it comes to the auction preview we always have to overfill the walls – salon style. I really like it. It feels pretty good at the end of the week to have such an easy view of what I’ve accomplished.

Sunday at the Music Festival

Sunday at the Music Festival, originally uploaded by cafe crafty.

This past Sunday we went to the Aspen Music Festival 4pm concert. They open the baffles on the tent and everyone picnics on the lawn. We had a lovely time and wonderful food (thanks to The Boy!). The concert was just perfect – the lawn crowd was very quiet and the pieces were just right – you could hear everything. We had fresh made Peach Sorbet from Jeff’s stand – it was fabulous! Baby Girl did give me a look for harassing her with the camera (even though she’s in my chair).

My Knitted Box

I’m pleased to post my first pattern and show-off my new design.

I created a new banner for cafe crafty and a new color scheme. I don’t think I’m done playing with it yet (it’s pretty fun to do!). But I think it looks pretty cute now.

And – I’m posting a pattern for a little felted box. I started making them this winter to put gifts in. I didn’t see a pattern anywhere so I thought I would write it up. They’re really simple to make and there are million ways to decorate them. It’s a great way to show off cute buttons too when you only have a few (or even one).

Click here for a printable version of the pattern.

the rain settles in

It didn’t rain for a month – so we didn’t have any fireworks for the 4th of July. (We had a lovely parade though!)

It has rained everyday since then and this morning was only 48 degrees at 9am. The mountains are beautiful covered in clouds (there’s usually a big mountain at the head of the valley that is completely covered right now).

The weather almost makes me want to knit. Baby Girl is asleep and the house is quiet so I picked up a tiny project I started forever ago. I’m even thinking that if I really wanted to knit presents for people this year (in December!) I could almost start to think about what those are now. I feel like a little old lady – but maybe I’m ok with that.