Monthly Archives: April 2008


i'm currently reading the omnivore's dilemma and while i still eat doritos when i want to – i have defintely been more aware of food since we ate all local last september.

as part of this i get a little obsessed over those foods that are so good for your body – like blueberries.

so tonight to combine good food and dessert i made blueberry buckle – it was on good eats with alton brown last night on the food network.

i love alton brown. he talks about the why's of cooking and baking not just the how to. i know i don't take it all in, but i'd like to think that some of it goes in and maybe helps down the road.

p.s. the buckle was excellent!

so close…

tilly's birthday is closer then i think. we should do something about this…

first – we are sewing small terry cloth (read: spa-like) backpacks for her and two girlfriends for this year's birthday day trip. they will come equipped with a few girly spa-like items: lip gloss, body glitter and a travel hair brush with built-in mirror. tilly picked out the items today and was so certain these were the right items that i had to let go of any ideas i had.

the contents did lead to a cute idea for their little travel bags for the day. i hope they are as cute when they are done.

there hasn't been a lot of general craftiness since web design took over my life so girly birthday crafting will fill the spot!


so tilly's gardening grandpa commented about transplanting…well since we really don't know what we are doing, we've already moved the seeds into those little pellets because i wasn't sure how to keep everything growing without being able to move them outside.

honestly – tilly's pretty lucky i haven't killed everything already.

clockwise from the upper left we've got – morning glories, cucumbers, carrots, green beans, a mix of extra seeds and (last to come – in the dark corner) tomatoes.

cross your fingers!

thinking spring…

while we've been hoping for warm weather and some grass in the yard (it's still snowy) – tilly asked if we could grow some plants – veggies – have a little garden. well – honestly – i have killed every plant or flower i have ever bought (I have two hanging on for dear life in the house right now). But – let's try anyways!

so we bought some seeds and we have them in baggies on the windows. and you know what – we've got some sprouts!

almost 5…

it's been such a slow spring here.

we had a record season of snow, so as soon as it gets kind of sunny and kind of warm these days everyone in the neighborhood plays outside (and we've been trying to sneak in flip flops for a month!).

so, with tilly's 5th birthday just over 2 weeks away, and a nice weekend, we went and bought her birthday present early. she rode her friends 'big girl' bikes some last summer, but she was so excited to get her own bike this weekend.

(psst…it's a video)

two months later…

so i realized that it has been forever since i was blogging. and i might have let it go – but i also realize it is the only place i really keep track of the things that tilly does. so if i ever wanted to know – say when she first skied down from the top of the mountain (last saturday!) i would have trouble remembering except that sometimes i write those things in a post.

the details – because they are amazing to me – Tilly dropped about 4,000 feet on Saturday from the Elk Camp lift – down Bull Run, to Funnel Bypass, to Funnel, to Assay, and skied the trail home! at 4! so incredible!