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so tilly's gardening grandpa commented about transplanting…well since we really don't know what we are doing, we've already moved the seeds into those little pellets because i wasn't sure how to keep everything growing without being able to move them outside.

honestly – tilly's pretty lucky i haven't killed everything already.

clockwise from the upper left we've got – morning glories, cucumbers, carrots, green beans, a mix of extra seeds and (last to come – in the dark corner) tomatoes.

cross your fingers!

thinking spring…

while we've been hoping for warm weather and some grass in the yard (it's still snowy) – tilly asked if we could grow some plants – veggies – have a little garden. well – honestly – i have killed every plant or flower i have ever bought (I have two hanging on for dear life in the house right now). But – let's try anyways!

so we bought some seeds and we have them in baggies on the windows. and you know what – we've got some sprouts!