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Odd Fellow 2

Odd Fellow 2, originally uploaded by cafe crafty.

Baby Girl stayed home last week with a cold so I finished her Odd Fellow and gave it to her as a little cheer up.

For better or worse I make up the way I attach the limbs each time. For this one the legs kind of look like they are walking – or doing a little jig – so perfect for Baby Girl.

walk-in surprise

Gifted bingo cards, originally uploaded by cafe crafty.

by the way… I work at an arts center – pretty good deal really. So everyone here makes stuff and we’re all pretty aware of each. This morning one of the potters I work with (who is also in charge of landscaping our entire 4 acre campus) brought in some bingo cards his mom found in Georgia so I could make some more bingo books. How sweet and thoughtful. I’ll have to get these made right away and send one stitched and bound back to Georgia. Maybe the other two will get posted in my etsy store.

is it too late?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tonight was the first chance we had to use the super cute heart shaped egg fry rings that my mom sent us for valentine’s day…along with tons of excellent dark chocolate!

The Birthday goes on…

Also waiting in the mail for me when we got home was a birthday present from my cool architect friend – she’s got a great sense of design…and good taste in gifts!
I love the mug and I’m using it right now. I used the great coffee soap in the shower this morning and the coolest is the bubbles. Everything they say on the package is true! I blew bubbles for Baby Girl’s bath last night – they are extra colorful, they do make a cool ‘pop’ sound when they pop and they are extra strong – they would bounce and land on the water. Amazing! Thanks Ru!


So – my fabulous Boy ordered me a Christmas present from France that got put on back order and never arrived…but now it’s here!
My awesome NABAZTAG has arrived. I can’t wait to plug it in. I’ll post updates when I get it working.

so spoiled, so much mail…

…so behind in posting…

We went to visit my family in Tucson for a few days. It was a really nice break from the 200″ of snow (plus 5″ this morning). The only problem with traveling is that I fall behind in reading my blogs and posting to my own blog…so I have days of posts lined up (which will include receiving 3 packages in the mail while I was gone!).

My secret pal has been great about emailing and I came home to my first package! She sent tons of cute Valentine’s Day stuff and even included a few things for Baby Girl – which was the best! She absolutley believes that all gifts are meant to be shared – specifically – that all gifts for other people are meant to be shared with her.

My secret pal included lots of candy – chocolate (which The Boy is helping me eat), Valentine’s Day SweetTarts (which I started eating at midnight), standard hearts, a heart shaped peanut butter cup and Valentine’s Mike & Ike’s. She sent Baby Girl a sweet little stuffed doggy, a bear ring and a cute ribbony hair clip. She was so excited when she came downstairs to find this whole pile of stuff! Secret Pal also included for a me the most gorgeous handmade card, a beautiful picture frame and an adorable little tape measure!

looking for yarn imagery

Recently I’ve come across some knit/crocheted art that I liked – or some objects that push what people think should be knit/crocheted – or just some new fun knit objects… so here’s my random post of knit links…

First, last week I saw this video of artist, Bea Camacho, crocheting herself into a cocoon as part of an installation piece. The imagery is fabulous. The day I saw this video was so cold and grey it seemed more than appropriate. (I’m sorry I can’t remember whose blog linked to the video.)

And then Jane made this fabulous little sweater for an apple – I’m in love!

And on the new blog whip up Maitreya wrote about an uprising in the crochet community on livejournal that was partly caused by crochet tampons from ohh-rissa.

small requests

“Glittery Pony needs a scarf” – so, a little side project. And the pony looks pretty good – scarf, band aid and baby dress.

And Baby Girl always has style…


A few days after my birthday is my mom’s birthday – fun!
So in my continuing effort to make little creatures from Jess Hutch’s booklet I knit her The Little Odd Fellow.

He was so fun to knit! Mostly because it didn’t take me a whole month like everything else I seem to do.
Baby Girl was sad to see the little guy go home with Bubbe to Chicago so watch for a new Little Odd Fellow in the next few days.

Note: Special thanks to my Stepdad for sending me the picture of this little guy. After taking his photo in our house we promptly erased the memory card.