Monthly Archives: March 2007

next in line…

I'm sure he's never thought of himself as being in the middle but in this group he is…

My second brother is just a little younger then me (although still willing to break bones which I'm not).

Another excellent Uncle – I was so proud of him getting his shoes wet on a bitterly cold Chicago Thanksgiving to build his little niece a sandcastle. (That's true 'best uncle' competition spirit – and love!)

Did I mention I’m an only child…

… and that I happen to have 5 brothers.

This is a picture of my eldest brother (in front of a big cloud off of Mount St. Helens – that's cool).

We spent a great deal of time together as kids playing Super Mario, eating chinese food (or mac and cheese if we had to cook). He's turned into a great uncle – he can sit on the floor for hours and play (he's pretty happy to have an excuse to play with the playdough and paints).

I guess I'll have to start a series here – it's a good place to begin!

new craft

Baby Girl is getting into crafts – I suppose it would be hard for her not to notice my completely overwhelimg and overgrown craft area in the back of our house. Our new most favorite acitivity has to be melty beads. I want to be patient and let her do them on her own, but really, I just want to make my own…

disposable cameras

My husband is a professional photographer. We have at least 3 pro-level Canons around. I love disposable cameras. And I love developing them when I don’t remember when they’re from. We just got some pictures back today from Christmas in Tucson. I love this shot of Baby Girl – outside in the desert, as the sun sets, perched on a chair in her Christmas dress-up.

a contest won!

There seem to be blog contests all the time. Bloggers are so generous and creative.

I often miss them or don’t enter for one of the usual million reasons, but I did enter Amanda’s contest for a photo of my explorer box doing something unique to my home area when it arrived (the explorer boxes were part of the yarn aboard swap).

I was delighted today to find out that I won a gift certificate to Scout’s Swag. So thank you Amanda for your hard work and generosity and thank you Leif for some excellent sledding!

I tied with Carola who was able to take the Leif box home to it’s Daddy!

my likes, dislikes…

My father-in-law sent a link today with kind of a fun toy. VisualDNA – I’m not that impressed by the results about me (although I’m also not a big believer in horoscopes), but the interface is very pretty and I like the flash book it sorts everything into.

I will admit that I like to save every fortune I’ve ever received from a cookie!

more bloggy thoughts

When I first started blogging somebody mentioned that there was a site that would turn your blog into a book although I’d long forgotten where or how – but Soule Mama just did it at Blurb. Pretty genius and I don’t want to forget again. (And remember to make some posts that I would like to see in print!)

gratuitous ski shot with the babe