Monthly Archives: November 2010


Books-3 i've been making felt pillows – with some embroidery or wool felt images. i was so excited to drop them off yesterday at the wyly arts center for the holiday art mart. i love how sooo many ideas start floating around my head once i'm making things. the ideas just aren't there if i'm not actively working on a project. and the more things i'm creating the more ideas that are popping into my head. it's funny i have to learn that lesson over and over again. 


make make make

After not making anything (except in webland) for quite sometime I’ve go’t full tilt and signed up for the Wyly Holiday Art Mart. I waited until the last minute to decide so now it’s make make make (which is a great way to spend a day) until I have to deliver my wares. At least I have the dog for moral support (xo, birdy!).


mmm…kale chips

so our CSA is still delivering…which is amazing…but also means that we are still looking for ways to eat more greens then we've ever eaten in our lives (and we were vegetarians for 20 years). so yesterday i finally made kale chips. thank you pat for reminding me to do something i should have been making all summer and thank you smitten kitchen for the recipe. 


they are so good that even my child – who's favorite food is bacon – couldn't stop eating the kale chips and even ate them as her video game, junk food snack as she played harry potter lego on the wii.

the holidays are early this year

so i've got the desire to make things…and for a jewish girl from the suburbs of chicago – i have the strong desire to make christmas i'm sewing up some christmas stockings! (channukah is early this year – december 1 – so maybe that's why i'm ready)


i think as a kid who didn't grow up with stockings they have a certain charm like no other holiday item. they can contain all the little surprise treats you never expected!

So I’m knitting

So I’m knitting – maybe for the first time since we moved – which has been forever. I love having a project waiting for me when i sit down. Its still amazing to me to create fabric out of a piece of yarn. And it’s nice to enjoy thinking about the holidays – not to be frantic or in a rush.


chemicals, chemicals, chemicals

we spent the day making art – cyanotypes for the boy with baby girls help so she got to make her own sun prints. We’ve had so many beautiful fall days. And im enjoying thinking ahead to the holidays and all the possibilities to make stuff with so much time still in front of us. (i love the extra hour today gives us!)