Monthly Archives: October 2010

A lot to learn…

Photo007 So I made the tomato sauce..and I was so proud. I didn't can it but I was going to store it in canning jars in the fridge. I started with 6 lbs. of tomatoes. It seemed like a lot – to someone who almost never cooks. Funny – it only turned into a jar and a half of sauce

And then after I cleaned the kitchen I realized I had ten more tomatoes hiding under the plethora of cherry tomatoes in the big bowl…I could've had another jar!

Photo008 I can't imagine how many tomatoes come out of big midwestern gardens that people can them. The peeling of the tomatoes alone was an epic adventure.

Halloween baking has begun

We made some halloween cupcakes for a small event yesterday – it’s october so it’s time. I was happy to get back to writing with chocolate. Almost any white chocolate seems to work well. Otherwise I’ve had the best luck with Guittard Dark for regular choclate.