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getting closer…

tilly's birthday is now just a week away. and her birthday trip with her friends is in two days!

i finished their little goodie bags tonight. they are made out of terrycloth with blue cording straps and monograms and silk flowers. i think they turned out pretty cute. the girls really enjoy getting to fill them with treats over the day.

so close…

tilly's birthday is closer then i think. we should do something about this…

first – we are sewing small terry cloth (read: spa-like) backpacks for her and two girlfriends for this year's birthday day trip. they will come equipped with a few girly spa-like items: lip gloss, body glitter and a travel hair brush with built-in mirror. tilly picked out the items today and was so certain these were the right items that i had to let go of any ideas i had.

the contents did lead to a cute idea for their little travel bags for the day. i hope they are as cute when they are done.

there hasn't been a lot of general craftiness since web design took over my life so girly birthday crafting will fill the spot!

halloween crafting

Halloween is a pretty big deal around our house. Tilly loves deciding on her costume, we love the decorations and it just has to be the best kids holiday. No toys expected, buckets of candy and days of playing dress-up in public.

We went to Michael's this weekend and we picked out the 'glitter bones' project from Martha Stewart. It's like she knows my kid – there is little Tilly likes more than body stuff and crafty glitter stuff – combining the two is a dream come true.

It's kind of a messy project – since glitter never really goes away. She's been pretty patient about waiting for me to do it with her. And the finished pieces are looking great.

We're going to use some of the smaller bones in invitations for our halloween party. I'll have to see if the post office will hand cancel…?

halloween crafting

I finally stitched the "U" onto Tilly's Underdog sweater. She is most likely going to be Underdog for Halloween – although she still has plenty of time to change her mind. I think she likes to idea of being a super hero.

I like the sweater in general.

On another note – I'm really sad about the loss of our bunny. We only had her for a couple weeks but we had the responsibility of a baby creature and I feel like we didn't live up to our end of the bargain. No doubt – we did everything we could once she was sick, but it was really almost too late at that point. She was so happy hopping around our house, standing up to be picked up when we walked over to her cage – such personality so quickly for such a little creature…I'm sad she won't have a chance to grow.

small crafts

forever ago – like 3 months – Tilly turned 4 years old. For her birthday we took Tilly and her two best friends on an all day adventure. Instead of traditional goody bags, as a way to collect their stuff over the day, Tilly and I made each of them a monogrammed backpack. These were so easy and fun to make. It was a great project for the two of us. The girls were so thrilled that day to put all their goodies in their bags (and it made for a little less chaos in the car).

200 cards

A friend and I printed 200 cards for Tilly's preschool today. I should note that even with that chaos they are only half done. Each card is a two-color gocco print and right now there's only one color on each card. It was fun to see that much craftiness spread over every surface. And nice – with the freelance life – to be able to work on it during the day. Now I'll just have to motivate to finish it tomorrow!

crafting together

there was a little crafting tonight – and i love when we are sitting next to each other working on our own projects. tilly and sydney were doing melty beads and i was cutting and folding cardstock. i'm about to make 200 notecards for tilly's preschool this week – better get moving.

kid craft

today we made tiny shoes. tilly was pretty tired from yesterday (ballet, swimming, the hard life…) so we hung out around the house. she found these princess slippers to decorate in some craft book so i spent most of the day making small shoes while she painted and jeweled.