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i think i might have the most beautiful pumpkins. it only took three pumpkins patches (maybe four) to find some non-traditional orange pumpkins. with heirloom tomatoes so much in vogue i thought finding 'other' pumpkins would be easy. we did buy 3 'regular' pumpkins – plus the two we already had. and then we picked out a 'cinderella', a 'lumina' and a 'jarrahdale' – the blue one – my favorite!

halloween crafting

Halloween is a pretty big deal around our house. Tilly loves deciding on her costume, we love the decorations and it just has to be the best kids holiday. No toys expected, buckets of candy and days of playing dress-up in public.

We went to Michael's this weekend and we picked out the 'glitter bones' project from Martha Stewart. It's like she knows my kid – there is little Tilly likes more than body stuff and crafty glitter stuff – combining the two is a dream come true.

It's kind of a messy project – since glitter never really goes away. She's been pretty patient about waiting for me to do it with her. And the finished pieces are looking great.

We're going to use some of the smaller bones in invitations for our halloween party. I'll have to see if the post office will hand cancel…?