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I finished my very first pair of socks!

I wore them to work last week – in clogs with rolled up jeans so I could show off – and I got tons of compliments. I really love them. My sweet georgia yarn is so soft! And really, with Sensational Knitted Socks and Socks on Two Circulars it was hard to screw up (although I tried). The colourway goes really nicely with my rocket dog clogs and gives me a great excuse to wear them both (even though falling in these clogs is always a little too close).

I was so proud I even showed them off around my house…snowbunnie went to sleep!

Baby Girl asked me to make her a matching pair. I made mine so short I think I have enough yarn to do just that. I made mine short – because even though it’s just knitting I was so anxious to get to the heel I just needed to get there as soon as possible.

I used the very first pattern in Sensational Socks with a 2×2 rib. It was so fun! It doesn’t take forever and in the end you have this amazing object – I can see knitting a lot of socks!

small gifts

dish cloth, originally uploaded by cafe crafty.

So in all the craziness of last week – gallery install, show opening, paper trails for days – our car broke down. We only have one car, it broke down about 45 minutes away and it took a week to fix.

My fabulous boss was amazing and lent me a car for the whole week!

I knit her this little dishcloth. The pattern is from Melissa’s Knitting Pages and I originally saw the link at whip up. The cloth has a little house pattern in it, although it’s hard to see with the shifting colors. It was pretty cute, easy and fun to make!

My Sunday View

Top of Long Shot, originally uploaded by cafe crafty.

Sunday was sunny with fresh snow. I went snowboarding in the morning. I hiked up to the top of Long Shot – took this picture – and then rode the longest run on the mountain – about 3 miles. It was the best I’ve ever done on that run – like flying!

half sock

half sock, originally uploaded by cafe crafty.

so i’m halfway through my first sock ever. i don’t want to admit how long it took me to get to this point (there was lots of undoing and re-knitting). i’m moving forward again though – and i have to say i’m amazed – it’s like a sock!

My Sampler is here!

I completely forgot that a week or so ago…
Yea! My Sampler arrived with the coolest stuff. As soon as I read about The Sampler in Bust I couldn’t wait for another subscription to come up. I feel like this is the life we lead in craft-land – making way too much stuff and not always knowing what to do with it.
It’s full of the cutest cards, buttons, soaps – everything! I just love it (and I hope to donate too)!