Monthly Archives: December 2006

gifts given

I made my two closest friends at work wrist warmers for the holidays. I used the pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. It’s a fun easy pattern – i like knitting a 2×2 rib and this one kind of spirals. I was told that they fit well. I made each from one skein too with just a tiny bit left.

p.s. she’s having a boy!

crafty holidays

The Boy has been good to me this hannukah with lots of cool crafty items. Yesterday he gave me two sampler packs of japanese fabric from Fabric Tales. The fabircs are so remarkably gorgeous I can’t believe they have to come from so far away. I am so excited to have them.

and from NY

This papier mache snowman came from New York. He’s really fabulous. Each of the parts is like a little paper bead threaded onto that string on top – so he kind of wiggles. It’s really cute! We were all quite impressed around here…


So Blogger made some changes to align with Google – which is convenient, but now I see that Bloglines and Google Reader aren’t picking it up correctly. If you track my blog through a reader you probably need to re-subscribe – so annoying – and sorry…

australian ornament

I’ve received some cute ornaments from the ornament swap. I joined an international group so this ornament is from Australia. I give the girl a lot of credit for a cute design that could be shipped in an envelope!

her house

One year The Boy and I made a gingerbread house from scratch – from Martha Stewart. It had the candy melted windows and not so supportive shaped walls – it was really beautiful. I wanted Baby Girl to get to play with a gingerbread house this year, but I knew I couldn’t be overly invested if I was going to let her do it her way…so I bought a kit at Costco.

I think she did a fabulous job. I just love it!


…so I had a little knit night with some girlfriends on Sunday. The Boy cooked, it’s always snowy outside, it was really nice. It was kind of a quiet knit night so I even got to knit a little…

First try!

Baby Girl had her first ski lesson today – yea! The Boy was able to sneak by and grab a pic. I love it!

I’ll have to get back to posting. I was being so good – and it was fun. But I’ve noticed that the more I shop and buy gifts the less I post.

small details

People have been really nice to me the past few days. I’m definitely behind at work and I have so much personal stuff I want to take care of – it’s been such a treat to feel like the little things have made people think of me… so with that in mind I want to be sure I’m appreciative of those who have been good to me all year…. I made one more monogrammed sock bag for a kind soul…it’ll be in the mail tomorrow…(I can’t show the initial or it wouldn’t be a surprise, but it’s in the lower corner, sshhh!)


Isn’t that just the cutest name for a town? My ornaments from the ornament swap have started to arrive. Mary sent a hand painted clay ornament – so sweet! She even wrapped the ornament up with pretty paper and a ribbon. So nice!

the wild wooly

A friend owns and operates a knitting store (and website) in Rochester, NY – Wild Wools Yarn. She has some really gorgeous yarn on her site. The cutest thing though is this –> the Wild Wooly!

She gives these Wild Wooly’s away and the tag says to make something, anything with the yarn attached and send in what you make to her site. That’s cute – but the cutest thing it says is to take the tag and tie it to some of your own unused stash and to leave it where someone else might find it and knit with it…I love that! Knitting with random found yarn – the excitement of seeing a little bundle of yarn laying somewhere that ends up being yours..I love it! Spread the knitting love!

too cool!

The ReadyMade blog posted about a new color toy from Adobe today – Kuler. Just move the sliders around or look at the color combinations other people have created. Super fun for web projects – but also just great for ideas and inspiration – for fabric, paint, paper – anything!

idea too late…

Personalized felt bag, originally uploaded by cafe crafty.

Baby Girl has music class on Fridays. Yesterday was our last class until the middle of January. I decided about an hour before we left that we should bring the teacher a present – class is fabulous and we just love Amy! I had some felt bags still in process so I decided to make one just for her. Now – I love the little initial. I wish I had thought of this idea before I loaded everything into the craft show…

holiday shopping starts….now!

Wyly Wares 2006, originally uploaded by cafe crafty.

Linda and I have participated in Wyly Wares for the past 3 or 4 years. It’s a local holiday craft show to help raise funds for a small non-profit art center. I set-up our stuff today – that green stand with the books is ours and the pedastals on each side have my new felt bags and our cards. Baby Girl came with me and was really patient and helpful the whole time we were there. It’s amazing getting stuff done together. There’s lots of cute handmade stuff at Wyly – it definitely feels like the start of the season!

ornaments on the go

Yesterday I wrapped up my Holiday Swap ornaments. They turned out pretty cute – but each one is very unique. It’s funny how different the glue and glitter and string can act (not very complicated ingredients). Really, I just love anything wrapped in the celophane bag.

I packed them all up to travel around the world. The three international are missing from the picture because I shipped them out first thing. I think it took me just about as long to find 9 small boxes as it did to make the ornaments.