Monthly Archives: July 2007

small crafts

forever ago – like 3 months – Tilly turned 4 years old. For her birthday we took Tilly and her two best friends on an all day adventure. Instead of traditional goody bags, as a way to collect their stuff over the day, Tilly and I made each of them a monogrammed backpack. These were so easy and fun to make. It was a great project for the two of us. The girls were so thrilled that day to put all their goodies in their bags (and it made for a little less chaos in the car).


we love tea parties at our house. (i think the pots of tea and cupcakes every night over the winter may explain why my summer jeans don't fit like last year.)

Tilly had Charlie over for tea party today. She moved the table herself, got the rug in place – everything to make a nice spot for tea. I bet they drank and ate for 30 minutes…It was so sweet (until it all fell apart into our usual chaos – cheetos in the tea for brew, milk dripping off her forehead and chasing and whooping around the table in circles…i assume this is much more typical 4 year old behavior)


There's Tilly in the tent. We took her camping for the first time last night. Who knows why it really took us so long.

The funny thing about where we live is that we were only about 25 minutes from our house. She can get car sick and we thought for the first time we didn't want to make the trip about driving (and possibly puking).

So, like camping goes, it rained most of the time. The evening talk was cancelled and we couldn't start a fire. I brought way too much food so we ate and colored in the tent all night. We had a great time. Now she wants to go for two nights!  

cool web toy

oooh! I'm always creating color palettes from photos, artwork, etc… to use on web designs – and this is a fun new color toy. I uploaded a photo of mine and it spit out a whole palette for me to choose from (with computer ready color codes too!).

i found this on whip up today

200 cards

A friend and I printed 200 cards for Tilly's preschool today. I should note that even with that chaos they are only half done. Each card is a two-color gocco print and right now there's only one color on each card. It was fun to see that much craftiness spread over every surface. And nice – with the freelance life – to be able to work on it during the day. Now I'll just have to motivate to finish it tomorrow!

a meal

I'm not the cook.

I bake, but I'm definitely not the cook.

I'm sure I've cooked less then a months worth of dinners in our marriage of 8 years. I can do handmade pizza, quiche – things that look like baking.

I got it in my head though to cook dinner tonight – and it may have been the most successful meal I've put together. Simple recipes, but somehow – not bland. I made this Cucumber Salad. I made these Spicy Coconut Noodles from Real Simple. And our new favorite treat – Veggie Lettuce Wraps. I know that last part is ready-made but they are delish!

crafting together

there was a little crafting tonight – and i love when we are sitting next to each other working on our own projects. tilly and sydney were doing melty beads and i was cutting and folding cardstock. i'm about to make 200 notecards for tilly's preschool this week – better get moving.


doing web design i spend a fair amount of time saving images for the web – trying to make them look their best at the smallest size possible. the three images are above are the same photo as the one in the post below just saved as different GIF images – not actually touched at all in Photoshop proper. geeky, happens everyday, but still cool!

farmer’s market

Aspen has a nice Saturday Farmer's Market (we used to be in it so obviously we thought it was fabulous!). This morning Tilly picked out sunflowers she wanted. The market only allows things grown and made in the state of Colorado. Our growing season is so short it's fun to watch each item come in. Today was the first day for sunflowers – and homemade peach sorbet!

I forgot that I got this amazing vase from one of the residents at the Ranch before I left. If I had a big bouquet (or maybe gerber daisies) I could stick them in the holes around the side too.

green tea

i drink green tea all the time. and then – not so much this summer. when i left the ranch doug gave me this beautiful teapot as a gift. it's rainy here today and somehow i am just using it for the first time. (i had kind of hoped for a teapot – we only own a tiny japanese one and i'm so excited to have a bigger one)

i'll have to knit it a cozy this winter!


it may be July but around here this is when we buy ski clothes for the upcoming winter. tilly picked out a new jacket, pants, fleeces, a sweater, hat and gloves. she wore her ski pants for an hour – it was kind of exciting!

summer nights

this was a summer night spent indoors but still summery. i think tilly might have allergies or a cold so we tried to take it easy. we did run up to the center to get some treats – dibs ice cream, lik-a-stik candy and a new coloring book. it all made for a pretty happy baby and with a bath she was really looking pretty good before bed. (although i would have brushed her teeth twice after that candy if she would have let me!)