Monthly Archives: August 2007

first full site!

It's funny how it happened without a lot of fanfare…

Last week I launched my first real site. It's been in the works forever and we finally got to a place where we realized we would keep updating and no one would ever see it if we didn't make it live.

So the 212 Gallery website is up and running for public consumption.

It was very collaborative – the head of the gallery has such a vision that we worked very hard together to come up with something pretty amazing (I think!).

It's been an exciting summer!

street art

Whenever someone links to random art you can find in your daily life I find that I'm drawn to it. I love the idea that you'd be walking down the street and see these little spots of color! (from roxana)


so the other amazing thing that happened the past couple weeks is that tilly taught herself how to swim just by watching her friend kendall. It's been amazing watching her diver for rings and throw herself into the water. she's been having the most fun!

still summer

Tilly and I got free tickets to the Rodeo tonight. (Jeremy had a sunset photoshoot he had to do.) It was kind of nice to put our jeans and boots on. It always feels kind of good late in the summer.

Tilly was so excited to do the calf scramble. She ran out there brave as anything with all the big kids and never even looked back for me. She was so fun to watch!

new favorite super hero…

There's no need to fear Underdog is here!

Tilly is in love with Underdog. So we ordered this red sweater to stitch a big white "U" on. (She's thinking about being Underdog for Halloween – or a princess mermaid butterfly.)

Looks pretty good since she seems to have a bad guy on the TV waiting for her super powers!  

new favorite thing!

So in our extra summery last two weeks we also purchased a trail-a-bike for Tilly. I was fairly sure that we were going to return it – she hated going fast on her tricycle, she's not very big for her age, blah, blah, blah – but SHE LOVES IT!

And we love it. We have the most fun riding together.

Tilly and I ride back and forth to school most days. We go for family rides to the park, pool, just downhill anywhere. Pulling an extra 60 pounds (Tilly plus the trailer) up and down our hills can be lung-burning, but it's SO WORTH IT!

(Tonight was the first night we had the extra bracket for Jeremy's bike so now he can join in the uphill fun!)

summer (as always)

i thought the first two months of summer – were the most 'summery' summer we've had, but the last 12 days have been full of summer! i'll have to catch you up… last weekend I went on a hike from Crested Butte to Aspen with a bunch of friends. It was great to hike, hike over a pass, and spend the night away. We had so much fun.

Jeremy and Tilly played all weekend – they saw two movies, bought toys and treats at target, saw shawn colvin in concert…