Monthly Archives: May 2006


Walking to work today I was amazed to find some poppies already in bloom – I love summer!

The sun here is so intense. It’s already really hot when I’m out walking and it’s not even July – and it never gets that hot.

I noticed that I haven’t touched any yarn in awhile. I have trouble seeing knitting as a summer activity.

More poppies – I love when the blooms aren’t open yet and they have these cute little raindrop buds waiting to be flowers.


I’ve been away – literally…

We’ve been in Illinois for six days visiting grandparents for Baby Girl’s 3rd Birthday.

It has been overcast and rained everyday.

The rows, upon rows, upon rows of corn sprouts are beautiful. So calming and peaceful in their order and freshness. (I would show a picture but, oh, the rain!)

Above – Baby Girl inside a giant John Deere combine wheel.


Today my Baby Girl turns 3 years old!

I love every tiny morsel of my funny creature…especially –


A late Easter post

in underdress, originally uploaded by cafe crafty.

On Easter morning Tilly and I went to the Easter Egg Hunt at the Snowmass Club. Susan gave us a beautiful dress that she had made for Emily. I let Tilly run around in the petticoat because I thought it was so beautiful. Susan thinks it might be 100 years old. A bunch of the photos are posted at flickr.

late blooming gocco

I’m embarrased to say how long I’ve owned my Gocco and not used it. The Boy was sweet enough to buy it for me as a present – and I really, really wanted it. But then somehow it went into the closet and it’s been forever.

So the other night The Boy helped me start working on a cafe crafty logo. My friend and I have been Aspen Paperie at the Aspen Farmer’s Market for the past few years, but I’m ready for something new. So I started working on a two screen cafe cup print. I love printing! I love watching those multiples with minor variations grow across my desk!