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a contest won!

There seem to be blog contests all the time. Bloggers are so generous and creative.

I often miss them or don’t enter for one of the usual million reasons, but I did enter Amanda’s contest for a photo of my explorer box doing something unique to my home area when it arrived (the explorer boxes were part of the yarn aboard swap).

I was delighted today to find out that I won a gift certificate to Scout’s Swag. So thank you Amanda for your hard work and generosity and thank you Leif for some excellent sledding!

I tied with Carola who was able to take the Leif box home to it’s Daddy!

and from NY

This papier mache snowman came from New York. He’s really fabulous. Each of the parts is like a little paper bead threaded onto that string on top – so he kind of wiggles. It’s really cute! We were all quite impressed around here…

australian ornament

I’ve received some cute ornaments from the ornament swap. I joined an international group so this ornament is from Australia. I give the girl a lot of credit for a cute design that could be shipped in an envelope!