Monthly Archives: December 2005

the only books I’m currently reading

I was so amazed to discover craft/knit/creative blogging because it has been inspirational seeing what other people are out there making every day. One of my other inspirational moments each day is getting to read Baby Girl books from her fabulous every growing collection. The stories and illustrations in kids book are just wonderful. For Christmas and Channukah she was lucky enough to receive a bunch of new books. These are some of my favorites…Too Loud Lily, Hondo & Fabian, The Red Book and Swamp Angel.

My absolute favorite though of course is Shall I Knit You a Hat?

lucky girl

The Boy was so sweet for Christmas – and thoughtful. He heard me and another girl talking about some knitting bag in Anthropologie a few weeks ago, remembered, and then went to kpixie and picked out this way cool knitting bag for me!

He doesn’t know (and I don’t think he checks my blog), but the knitting right there is Squarey from Jess Hutch’s booklet. I was hoping to give him the pillow as a Christmas present. Now I’m hoping maybe I’ll have it done for the last night of Channukah.

He also gave me the new Alterknits book. Besides the fact that it has cool patterns, the book is so nicely done. I love the binding.

Here comes robot

I finished the robot from Jess Hutch’s booklet last week.
Upon arrival, he was nice enough to clear the snow from the lights!

Baby Girl chose three colors so I altered the color sequence a little. The intarsia is really tragic, but I fixed it and now only the inside of the robot knows any better. There are some other issues and I realize that I still have a lot to learn.

I think it’s pretty cute though and he’s already getting snuggles!