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lucky girl

Thank you all for your comments and ideas. A needle would help, or maybe a tougher machine…or better yet – a husband who spoils me! After my sad night and sad post The Boy surprised me today with a new bag from Oilily! Yea!

summer crafting

So, I’ve really wanted a cute bag for the summer that was practical and adorable – carry everything and look good. A friend at a meeting the other day had a cute magazine type bag out of oilcloth. I have a couple extra yards of oilcloth so I got all excited that I could make a ‘better’ bag out of oilcloth – more room, pockets, etc… So that was this weekends adventure – except that my sewing machine can’t sew more then two layers of oilcloth together – so once I had the lining and the handles – oy! broke my last needle and put a million holes into the fabric…I’m not sure where to go from here…

Most generous back-tack

Stuff closer, originally uploaded by cafe crafty.

Sherry made me the msot beautiful wee buny and included so much otehr stuff – I feel so spoiled. The bunny is so cool – wth a Mizrahi tummy, a magnet ‘j’, and beautiful hand-stitched ears. She also sent ‘Runaway Bunny’ for Baby Girl and I to read and a ton of knitting stuff! Including handmade stitch markers – oh! and a beautiful hand-wired bracelet. All in black and white – so stylish. Thank you!!! I have a ton more photos on flickr.

color week – tuesday


one of the most beautiful brown objects in our house – my husband’s original wooden rocking horse from when he was little. my mother-in-law saved it all these years for when he had a little one of his own and now baby girl loves to be a cowgirl.

(from little birds and port2port)

color week

i loved watching the last week of color, so when i saw that little birds and port2port were announcing another one i thought i would participate…

even though this world is usually one of fabric and paper and other crafty, often softie things – when i saw that the first day was white I had to take a picture of my two favorite techie toys – my nabaztag, snowbunnie, and my new nintendo ds lite – i’m a sucker for brain age!

the back-tack i made

So, of the three patterns to choose from I selected the pointy kitty. I made her a little mouse to play with. My swap partner – Jenny at blempgorf has already named them Penelope and Petunia.

For the ‘initial’ requirement I embroidered a heart like the old raggedy ann dolls and satin stitched jenny’s ‘j’. And for the ‘button’ requirements I gave kitty a belly button and dancing feet! I stitched a button to each foot so if she’s played with she makes a cute noise as she walks. (I have to give the boy credit for that idea.)

more bags

it feels like forever since i’ve posted – and i’ve been busy!

i made a whole group of new sock bags. most were ordered before i even made them so i haven’t updated the store. i’m really happy with this batch though.

tomorrow i’ll post my back-tack kitty!