Monthly Archives: August 2006

back-tack iii continues

I so enjoyed participating in back-tack iii that I was sad to see the list in the end of those who didn’t receive anything. When they asked for angels to come in and make something for those that got left I was happy to do so. Nicole and Alison gave me Ampersand Duck as my angel partner. They also told me that I didn’t have to follow the rules. I hadn’t made anything yet from Hillary’s Put-Together book yet so I made the bunny. I’m really happy with how she turned out (and Ducky wrote a lovely post when she received my box all the way in Australia)!

I made the bunny all in orange wool felt and then gave her a green dress to tie on. The dress is a green flannel lined with red wool felt to match the shoes. I altered Hillary’s heart shoes to have flowers to match the ribbon on her dress. There are some detail shots over at flickr.

new favorite web toy

I am in love with premium postcard. I first saw it written up on the Ready Made blog. I had to try it right away. I upload a couple of pictures and write any text I want. Then they print it onto a postcard and send it out for me to any address I want – for 84 cents! I think it’s genius! Whenever I feel like I need to send a little note to friends or family I can make a really cute card in a minute or two without leaving my desk – I love it! This is the proof of the card I just made…

still making stuff

somtimes i’m sure i’m not making anything…and then i’m suprised to find i did…

our preschool had an auction fundraiser last week and i printed gocco cards of the school and made a pillow. here’s a sneak peek of the card… (in my back tack angel box on its way to australia!)

Kachemak1996 – 2006

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goings on

I’ve noticed with August here that a lot of people are taking a blogging break. With the craziest time of the year at work I feel like a break, but I had to post two blogg-y goings on…
I’m excited to be an angel for back-tack iii to ampersand duck. it’s been so fun to read her blog (especially since I make books too), and I’m excited to send something off to Australia. Silly – but true. So I’ve started making her a creature from Hillary’s pattern book (completely ignoring the original back-tack rules since they said I could). I have a couple different softies going at once, so Baby Girl and I will decide in then end which one goes to Australia.

I’m also excited to be signed up for Yarn Aboard II for my knitterly side – Amanda has to be the nicest person I’ve never met!. I’m thinking socks this holiday season…