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two months later…

so i realized that it has been forever since i was blogging. and i might have let it go – but i also realize it is the only place i really keep track of the things that tilly does. so if i ever wanted to know – say when she first skied down from the top of the mountain (last saturday!) i would have trouble remembering except that sometimes i write those things in a post.

the details – because they are amazing to me – Tilly dropped about 4,000 feet on Saturday from the Elk Camp lift – down Bull Run, to Funnel Bypass, to Funnel, to Assay, and skied the trail home! at 4! so incredible!


it may be July but around here this is when we buy ski clothes for the upcoming winter. tilly picked out a new jacket, pants, fleeces, a sweater, hat and gloves. she wore her ski pants for an hour – it was kind of exciting!