new friend

it feels like we have a lot going on right now – even though I can definitely feel the more relaxed days of fall. it's so cool out today and the leaves are really starting to turn. this is my favorite season.

so the main new big thing is that we got a bunny – or I should say that Tilly got a much belated birthday bunny. she's a Netherland Dwarf. she's really beautiful, small and super soft. Tilly is absolutely in love with her. She wraps her in a blankie and pushes her around in her baby doll stroller.

when we asked her what she wanted to name the bunny – without missing a beat – she said 'Catcher' – which is the nickname of the cat we lost a year ago to a coyote. it was the sweetest moment  – i thought we were all going to cry. i know she's my kid – but she's a pretty amazing kid.