image sharing

these are the beans from last nights soup. they're really beautiful. this picture may become familiar – it's day three and i think jeremy is about to start a blog. i guess i'll have to let him have first pick of the images – since he's taking them. or start taking my own.

i should note that we allowed ourselves a few things – the first thing being coffee. we've cut out diet coke so keeping the coffee seemed necessary. we are drinking locally roasted coffee – like steaming bean from this morning i drank a lot of coffee with the new local milk.

for lunch jeremy turned the corn and potato soup into a cream soup with some milk and goat cheese – so good!

we both continue to snack on our new favorite corn tortillas with honey, cheese, apples or peanut smush.

for dinner we had eggs and hash browns. pretty typical but all local – the hash browns were outstanding. whatever jeremy did was awesome!