day two

so it's day two of eating local…

this morning i made some version of homemade peanut butter with honey and we had that on apples. it was pretty good. tilly loved the 'peanut honey smush' as we're calling it. (we aren't limiting her food to the local thing – i'm not that prepared)

for lunch we had thinly sliced potatoes sauteed with goat cheese on top. that was delish!

and for dinner jeremy made 10 bean soup (we bought the bag of beans at farmer's market the other week) with tomatoes. the soup was excellent. i love soup with a lot of beans.

so the day was good especially with the perks from clark's. i snacked on a corn tortilla toasted with goat cheese and honey. with so little bread it's easy to snack on this kind of food all day.     

jeremy set up a little photo studio in the garage to take some pictures of the food. this is his shot of the tomatoes as he was setting up his lights today. so – most of the photos will be his, and of course, the cooking too!