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free with purchase

so we had to start our garden over. as i am not a very good gardener – i killed every seedling tilly and i grew. no biggie – – we come from the line of judi – we just buy replacements!

so we bought two tomato plants, a red pepper, tilly picked out strawberries although i'm sure i'll kill those.

and yesterday we bought a few flowers to kill including a pink geranium.

as i was re-potting the geranium i noticed something moving – i assumed it was a worm – and jumped a little – and then i saw it was a snake! then i screamed a little. tilly and i spent the next half hour trying to get it to crawl into a jar. thank goodness jeremy came home. he picked it up and put it in the jar so tilly could show all her friends. he wanted to know why i didn't pick it up – are you serious?

thinking spring…

while we've been hoping for warm weather and some grass in the yard (it's still snowy) – tilly asked if we could grow some plants – veggies – have a little garden. well – honestly – i have killed every plant or flower i have ever bought (I have two hanging on for dear life in the house right now). But – let's try anyways!

so we bought some seeds and we have them in baggies on the windows. and you know what – we've got some sprouts!

new favorite thing!

So in our extra summery last two weeks we also purchased a trail-a-bike for Tilly. I was fairly sure that we were going to return it – she hated going fast on her tricycle, she's not very big for her age, blah, blah, blah – but SHE LOVES IT!

And we love it. We have the most fun riding together.

Tilly and I ride back and forth to school most days. We go for family rides to the park, pool, just downhill anywhere. Pulling an extra 60 pounds (Tilly plus the trailer) up and down our hills can be lung-burning, but it's SO WORTH IT!

(Tonight was the first night we had the extra bracket for Jeremy's bike so now he can join in the uphill fun!)


There's Tilly in the tent. We took her camping for the first time last night. Who knows why it really took us so long.

The funny thing about where we live is that we were only about 25 minutes from our house. She can get car sick and we thought for the first time we didn't want to make the trip about driving (and possibly puking).

So, like camping goes, it rained most of the time. The evening talk was cancelled and we couldn't start a fire. I brought way too much food so we ate and colored in the tent all night. We had a great time. Now she wants to go for two nights!  

farmer’s market

Aspen has a nice Saturday Farmer's Market (we used to be in it so obviously we thought it was fabulous!). This morning Tilly picked out sunflowers she wanted. The market only allows things grown and made in the state of Colorado. Our growing season is so short it's fun to watch each item come in. Today was the first day for sunflowers – and homemade peach sorbet!

I forgot that I got this amazing vase from one of the residents at the Ranch before I left. If I had a big bouquet (or maybe gerber daisies) I could stick them in the holes around the side too.

many parades

We had a nice 4th of July. Tilly was in one parade – that's the bottom picture with her best friend helping her by pushing her bike. And then we watched the big Aspen parade – that's her other best friend and her waiting for the festivities to start. Lots of fun, friends and sun – very summer.

the good life

on Monday's we go to the pool. the weather has been so continuously beautiful here for weeks now it's amazing. tilly and i have been lucky to be having a really 'summery' summer – even before the 4th of july.

(my phone is doing a new weird thing where the list it's been sending to for years is suddenly too big. so now i'm just posting a lot of the images.)


it was 90 degrees here today. not bad for most of you, but we moved here to avoid the heat. so today we spent most of the afternoon on top of Ajax. at 12.000 feet it's much cooler. they have a 'ropes course' kind of park for tilly, excellent lunch for me and bluegrass for jeremy.

a nice day!


as on most nights this summer we had two of the nerighbor kids over. tilly is so happy to have friends over and include them in whatever she's doing.

we were making homemade pizza for dinner so we set-up a pizza station for everybody. a ball of dough, a bowl of tomato paste, a bowl of cheese – all on a plastic cutting board with a plastic knife. it keeps them happy for a little bit and then they're pretty excited when each of their own little pizzas comes out of the oven.

thank goodness for my kitchen aid stand mixer. i would never make homemade dough it if it wasn't for that.


I love summer. Tilly and I spent all day at the pool. (Yes, we have a good life.) We strolled there and back which was so relaxing and summery. It's kind of a long walk so Tilly took her KidzBop headphones which we usually save for trips and she listened to music part of the way. She looked fabulous this morning!

And when we got home we had a bunch of neighbor kids over and we made root beer floats – like it was hot like summer in the midwest.

hiking at our house

tilly's neighbor friends Ali and Sydney were over today and the girls had tons of energy (too much?). so we all walked up to the store – right around dinner time – and for their treat they each decided they wanted a donut. i felt so good about getting them out for a walk before that…

but they were so happy!