free with purchase

so we had to start our garden over. as i am not a very good gardener – i killed every seedling tilly and i grew. no biggie – – we come from the line of judi – we just buy replacements!

so we bought two tomato plants, a red pepper, tilly picked out strawberries although i'm sure i'll kill those.

and yesterday we bought a few flowers to kill including a pink geranium.

as i was re-potting the geranium i noticed something moving – i assumed it was a worm – and jumped a little – and then i saw it was a snake! then i screamed a little. tilly and i spent the next half hour trying to get it to crawl into a jar. thank goodness jeremy came home. he picked it up and put it in the jar so tilly could show all her friends. he wanted to know why i didn't pick it up – are you serious?