one year, 104 posts…

– complete acceptance – even happiness – of using a store bought crust (instead of making my own) if that means actually having pie

– understanding that crafting comes in waves – waiting for the big ones and treading through some little ones to keep my mind happy

– finding any means necessary to get a photo – actual camera, camera phone, scanner, getting someone else to take a picture (even if it means harassing my professional photographer husband to the point of getting the ‘marge’ noise made at me to get the picture)

– hoping my family is reading to stay in touch and up to date when life gets too hectic to use the camera phone to make a phone call

– realizing that swaps make the best motivators and that there is often good crafting mojo after that

– complete appreciation for knitters – it takes so much longer then anything else i do (understanding that there probably won’t ever be handknit christmas or channukah gifts and that those may come at times when there aren’t…hmmm…19 people thinking maybe they’ll get the handknit gift)

– loving selling in the online world (the sweetest customers and the best hours)

– an amazing record of the things i’ve made (sometimes it feels like there has been no crafting, but i have this blog that tells me otherwise)

– and a new world full of remarkable people and inspiration (really – competition may be my best motivator!)