more days…

so in my food update (as if the details of what I eat are important) – on friday jeremy found local smoked trout – so exciting! so we had goat cheese and trout quesadillas – they were fabulous! tilly loved them too.

on saturday afternoon we drove to Grand Junction (GJ). Palisade, GJ, Fruita – the area is piled high

with homegrown fruits, vegetables and wine. we spent most of sunday driving from farmstand to orchard to vineyard – tasting and talking and buying things. it was so fun! we bought tons of fruits and veggies (so cheap compared to here of course).

we picked out this homemade apple pie – i assume the flour isn't local, but the pie looked too good to ask.

i bought a whole box of pears – hoping that i'll can them.

and today we found salt from utah – also very exciting!

we ate non-local food while away…fudge never tasted so good…