local dinner

so the local dinner was eaten – and we forgot to take any pictures – oy! so i took a few after's with my phone – so pathetic, but there it is. (the kitchen was a site to be seen afterwards so i'll share that – although it was probably a lot worse around 4pm).

the couples who came each brought local wine – the consideration was beyond sweet! this local eating is our crazy deal for the month and the

thoughtfulness of our friends was very endearing. it's not easy to get local wine (and we had our
dinner on sunday when you can't even buy wine in our goofy state). and one friend even brought fresh italian parsley from her own garden. so generous!

the evening was filled with good wine, excellent food, great conversation and some really well behaved kids. it's pretty amazing when they all play together (for a while at least).

we drank four bottles of local wine. and people had refills. i took that as a good sign for the local wine. it was pretty amazing to eat so much food, be so full, enjoy each glass of wine and know that it was all from the state of colorado. good job state!

i picked up some amazing dahlias at farmer's market on saturday too – grown in the grand valley of colorado. this little picture does not do them justice. i'll try to get a real one.

pieces of the menu: cinderella pumpkin soup, corn fritters, rosemary trout, anasazi beans, eggplant au gratin, turban squash stuffing, roasted blue potatoes, tomato and roasted pepper salad and for dessert i made honey ice cream with fresh pears