(I realized today through blogland and emails that two posts are missing – my back-tack package and my christmas bunnies… so here is a much needed post…)

Way back on December 11 I received the most fabulous back-tack package from Leah in Australia. I was so excited but I was given clear instructions by my helpful assistant to wait until she got from from school to open the box.

We were very excited to find a beautifully wrapped set of packages including fabulous decorations from Leah's cute kids.

There was so much in my box! ( Let 's hope I get this right and remember everything)

For Gold – there was a fabulous pompom sparklygarland which we promptly hung up on the child,

then the house and eventually on the tree.

For the Frankincense – there was an amazing hand knitted candy cane washcloth with a cranberry scented sparkle soap from the body shop.

And there was also a coconut Christmas pudding which I had to do everything I could to keep my helpful assistant from tearing open the box.

For Myrrh – there were two truly fabulous amazing gifts.

First there was the sexiest handmade Christmas apron. It actually looks like I have boobs! (When the child isn't displaying it)

And then Leah included a kit for making a christmas stocking with the cutest retro christmas fabrics. We actually don't have stockings so the kit was a life-saver – we flew on Christmas morning to family so my lovely assistant was able to take the now full stocking with her and open presents on the plane as we flew cross country.

A truly generous and thoughtful package. Thank you Leah! (and nicole and allison!)

See you all next year!