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Books-3 i've been making felt pillows – with some embroidery or wool felt images. i was so excited to drop them off yesterday at the wyly arts center for the holiday art mart. i love how sooo many ideas start floating around my head once i'm making things. the ideas just aren't there if i'm not actively working on a project. and the more things i'm creating the more ideas that are popping into my head. it's funny i have to learn that lesson over and over again. 


so close…

tilly's birthday is closer then i think. we should do something about this…

first – we are sewing small terry cloth (read: spa-like) backpacks for her and two girlfriends for this year's birthday day trip. they will come equipped with a few girly spa-like items: lip gloss, body glitter and a travel hair brush with built-in mirror. tilly picked out the items today and was so certain these were the right items that i had to let go of any ideas i had.

the contents did lead to a cute idea for their little travel bags for the day. i hope they are as cute when they are done.

there hasn't been a lot of general craftiness since web design took over my life so girly birthday crafting will fill the spot!

small crafts

forever ago – like 3 months – Tilly turned 4 years old. For her birthday we took Tilly and her two best friends on an all day adventure. Instead of traditional goody bags, as a way to collect their stuff over the day, Tilly and I made each of them a monogrammed backpack. These were so easy and fun to make. It was a great project for the two of us. The girls were so thrilled that day to put all their goodies in their bags (and it made for a little less chaos in the car).