summer crafting

So, I’ve really wanted a cute bag for the summer that was practical and adorable – carry everything and look good. A friend at a meeting the other day had a cute magazine type bag out of oilcloth. I have a couple extra yards of oilcloth so I got all excited that I could make a ‘better’ bag out of oilcloth – more room, pockets, etc… So that was this weekends adventure – except that my sewing machine can’t sew more then two layers of oilcloth together – so once I had the lining and the handles – oy! broke my last needle and put a million holes into the fabric…I’m not sure where to go from here…

4 thoughts on “summer crafting

  1. sherry

    Ouch. How frustrating! Your fabrics look brilliant together! You can try a sewing machine needle made for heavy weight fabrics (thicker and sharper than regular needles)and heavy duty thread or try to muscle it through by hand with a blind stitch and a sturdy thimble. If you were more urban a luggage/shoe repair shop could take care of it with their commercial machine–but I don’t suppose you have one of those handy :)

  2. amanda

    Bummer! I know nothing about sewing other than that I want to learn so I have no advice to offer. I do love the bag and hope you get it finished!

  3. Rhonda

    It is a special needle you need. A heavy duty needle with heavy duty thread.

    BTW, Cynthia [you know, Two Sticks] sent me one of your little retro knitting bags. I SO LOVE it! Can’t wait to show off & carry my sock projects in style.


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