fresh bread

i made my first batch of no-knead bread. seems like it was on everybody's blog last year, but i just got around to it. SO DELICIOUS! i was happy i read the original new york times article. Mark Bittman's pretty laid back about the directions, the pot you use, etc…which was great to know. he has a second article too.

we had this bread with soup last night. we ate more than half the loaf. it has a great crunchy, but not too thick, crust and a moist inside. truly an amazing loaf of bread!

(i thought chuck might like making it just to see the dough at all the funny stage and i thought rich might like making it for the easy making bread recipe)

One thought on “fresh bread

  1. Pearl Girl

    I gotta try this. How cool.  I can’t believe Tilly can write so well. That’s awesome. Oh, I see it’s a full moon. No wonder I’m so nuts right now!  Love that weather moon thing in the right hand corner of your blog.


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