free with purchase

so we had to start our garden over. as i am not a very good gardener – i killed every seedling tilly and i grew. no biggie – – we come from the line of judi – we just buy replacements!

so we bought two tomato plants, a red pepper, tilly picked out strawberries although i'm sure i'll kill those.

and yesterday we bought a few flowers to kill including a pink geranium.

as i was re-potting the geranium i noticed something moving – i assumed it was a worm – and jumped a little – and then i saw it was a snake! then i screamed a little. tilly and i spent the next half hour trying to get it to crawl into a jar. thank goodness jeremy came home. he picked it up and put it in the jar so tilly could show all her friends. he wanted to know why i didn't pick it up – are you serious?

One thought on “free with purchase

  1. Valerie

    That’s cool! I’ve already seen a snake at our house. Scared the bejesus outta me when I was hanging out the laundry… I’m sure the entire end of our street heard my yelp. I even stubbed my toe whilst trying to escape!

    Our seedlings are still going strong. We haven’t put them in the ground yet… We might have beans and tomatoes on our kitchen counter before long!


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