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so much food

so i'm picking up the pace baking/cooking wise. fall (almost winter) is definitely here and it seems like a good time to bake and eat. i made pumpkin pie and cookies with the kids after school today. and since i was making pumpkin pie and was going to have an extra crust i made quiche for dinner. thank goodness i steamed some brocoli to go with that so that at least one dish didn't have cream as an ingredient!

back in the swing…

so i'd like to get back to blogging (i think i've said that before).

we're eating local again this month. and i see it took me almost a year to read that last book. i just finished it last night and i'm about to start this one.

i'm definitely fascinated by food – growing, gathering, farmer's market…

we've been a little looser with our 'eating local' rules this year. not a ton – but some. we found flour from montana so i've been baking this year. having muffins has been a huge help!