Monthly Archives: September 2007

good finds

Jeremy had to go into town today and stopped at Clark's. He found that they carried a bunch of local foods – so exciting!

Olathe corn tortillas, Broomfield eggs, Sedalia ghee and  Eaton goat's milk, New Castle basil, Longmont goat cheese, Colorado Spring's regular milk, Wellington onions, Brighton potatoes, Alamosa mushrooms and Hotchkiss apple juice – all from Colorado.

Even the cat was interested.


fall has started here – the oaks are turning (fast!), we're wearing jeans and socks, and we're only eating local food…

this local bit isn't usually a part of the fall but Jeremy was so intrigued by this book, and September is the 'Eat Local Challenge' for a bunch of different groups – so we're trying

today was our first day (we had company over the weekend and we decided not to subject other people to our plans when we weren't sure how it was going to go yet)

i ate lots of little food all day today – local applesauce, blood plums, apples, ground local peanuts, goat cheese from the farmer's market.

for dinner Jeremy made corn and potato soup and we had sliced pears and cheese. next time we're downvalley we'll be able to pick-up local eggs, butter and milk.

it's been a day but i am keenly aware that i had no bread products.

it's been interesting to be so aware of my food.