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new life


So two weeks later…we bought Dance Dance Revolution for our Wii…so much fun! It's like dancing, having fun and exercising. 

We had to do something – I've made a fresh loaf of bread every other day for the past two weeks. If we keep this up we'll have to purchase our own wheat field (..and mill) soon!

almost snowing


the first snow feels a little late…funny thing about a blog is that i can see that we had a couple inches here on our porch last year on september 22. this morning revealed the second snow up high. the first one was last week. jeremy hiked up the mountain this morning and took a bunch of pictures.

Mt. Daly really had a lot of snow.

Winter's coming – and around here everyone is pretty excited.

jeremy made the best all local chile rellnos last night and butternut squash soup. we're on the last week of the 'eat local' challenge. i'm still loving my coffee and wine. (although i noticed i've had a few more lunches out lately…)

regular day

so it's a regular day. i'm working – from home which is great. i've paid some bills, sent some invoices, worked on some websites…a day.

that's my coffee. with fewer drink choices in our 'eat local' month i really think a lot about my coffee and wine. thanks goodness we kept coffee. without diet coke it's nice to have something. and i definitely look forward to my wine come evening. you'd think i'd be drinking a lot more water (we have really good water here), but not so much – a lot more coffee though.

the bunny is next to me in her cage on the floor. i'm giving her water from a little plastic syringe and food three times a day. she's actually looking a little better today, but still not feeding herself. let's hope she makes that next leap!

best day ever


i've had a lot of best days. this was one of them. today jeremy and i
were able to attend two events at Food & Wine – a three-day food & wine
event sponsored by the magazine of the same name. what an amazing experience. first we were able to attend a 'grand tasting' which is a football field sized tent full of mostly wine and other alcoholic beverages and some food. and everything is meant for sampling! i started with champagnes, had a few wines and as the taste buds went down hill i moved onto martinis. we had mussels, lobster medallions, spanish tortes, sushi and a raw fish sandwich with coffe – it was all amazing!

even better then that event though was the seminar on the cheese course aftwerwards. we were seated in a smaller tent and we each had five wines with 7 cheeses (and a single varietal honey). the seminar was wonderful!

I would do it all again – now!

the wine guy is the wine director at bin 36 in chicago (the menu looks great – let's go next time!). The cheese expert was Laura Werlin – the two soft cheeses on the right side were my favorites.