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a meal

I'm not the cook.

I bake, but I'm definitely not the cook.

I'm sure I've cooked less then a months worth of dinners in our marriage of 8 years. I can do handmade pizza, quiche – things that look like baking.

I got it in my head though to cook dinner tonight – and it may have been the most successful meal I've put together. Simple recipes, but somehow – not bland. I made this Cucumber Salad. I made these Spicy Coconut Noodles from Real Simple. And our new favorite treat – Veggie Lettuce Wraps. I know that last part is ready-made but they are delish!


as on most nights this summer we had two of the nerighbor kids over. tilly is so happy to have friends over and include them in whatever she's doing.

we were making homemade pizza for dinner so we set-up a pizza station for everybody. a ball of dough, a bowl of tomato paste, a bowl of cheese – all on a plastic cutting board with a plastic knife. it keeps them happy for a little bit and then they're pretty excited when each of their own little pizzas comes out of the oven.

thank goodness for my kitchen aid stand mixer. i would never make homemade dough it if it wasn't for that.

best day ever


i've had a lot of best days. this was one of them. today jeremy and i
were able to attend two events at Food & Wine – a three-day food & wine
event sponsored by the magazine of the same name. what an amazing experience. first we were able to attend a 'grand tasting' which is a football field sized tent full of mostly wine and other alcoholic beverages and some food. and everything is meant for sampling! i started with champagnes, had a few wines and as the taste buds went down hill i moved onto martinis. we had mussels, lobster medallions, spanish tortes, sushi and a raw fish sandwich with coffe – it was all amazing!

even better then that event though was the seminar on the cheese course aftwerwards. we were seated in a smaller tent and we each had five wines with 7 cheeses (and a single varietal honey). the seminar was wonderful!

I would do it all again – now!

the wine guy is the wine director at bin 36 in chicago (the menu looks great – let's go next time!). The cheese expert was Laura Werlin – the two soft cheeses on the right side were my favorites.