I finished my very first pair of socks!

I wore them to work last week – in clogs with rolled up jeans so I could show off – and I got tons of compliments. I really love them. My sweet georgia yarn is so soft! And really, with Sensational Knitted Socks and Socks on Two Circulars it was hard to screw up (although I tried). The colourway goes really nicely with my rocket dog clogs and gives me a great excuse to wear them both (even though falling in these clogs is always a little too close).

I was so proud I even showed them off around my house…snowbunnie went to sleep!

Baby Girl asked me to make her a matching pair. I made mine so short I think I have enough yarn to do just that. I made mine short – because even though it’s just knitting I was so anxious to get to the heel I just needed to get there as soon as possible.

I used the very first pattern in Sensational Socks with a 2×2 rib. It was so fun! It doesn’t take forever and in the end you have this amazing object – I can see knitting a lot of socks!

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