my likes, dislikes…

My father-in-law sent a link today with kind of a fun toy. VisualDNA – I’m not that impressed by the results about me (although I’m also not a big believer in horoscopes), but the interface is very pretty and I like the flash book it sorts everything into.

I will admit that I like to save every fortune I’ve ever received from a cookie!

2 thoughts on “my likes, dislikes…

  1. Anonymous

    Be impressed by the results. I think we’re the same sign. And, what’s wrong with a glass or two of wine. I think you’re a pretty cool woman. xo

  2. Anonymous

    *Smacking my forehead* You’re “not a big believer in horoscopes”? So you sort of believe in them? How could you? After all these years of having a science teacher for a step father? Arghhhh. At least you do believe in wine. :)
    xo, C.


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