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cards in progress

I’ve started making my New Year’s/Thank You cards. It is, of course, taking me forever to pick which pictures I should send to each person. I can see now I should have ordered more of Baby Girl with grandparents than with friends. I’m also tagging each card with a post-it right now so I can remember who each one is for. I’m using Paper Source cardstock as always – I just love it.

Maybe the best thing in the picture though is that new box I’m using to hold all the parts of the project. I picked that up in the Target dollar section yesterday (for $2.50 though). It’s so fabulous and perfect. I bought two, but I could buy more!

cards are always nice

I ordered more cards through my flickr account from moo. This time I ordered family – mostly Baby GIrl. I’m going to use them for thank you cards and happy new year’s cards (a little late to say the least). I think they turned out really well.