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Shrug In Action

I completed Baby Girl’s shrug from the Hello Yarn handspun. She likes it – which is fabulous! (The leg warmers have yet to see a second wearing.) It looks great with a white t-shirt (although she was willing to put it on for pics so who was I to complain about it with the brown polka dots). It’s such an easy knit for a chunky handspun and she gets the charm of the basically useless girlish accessory! I knit it in one piece on two circulars (cast off, then one circular, cast on and two circulars).

Handspun in progress

Yesterday I started knitting up the handspun I bought. Baby Girl wanted wrist warmers and Kaitie Tee had suggested it too so that was where I started. The yarn is so fat though that I decided to turn it into a shrug. It will be a little small and silly but I think kind of cute on Baby Girl with a white tee. I’m sure I’ll have yarn leftover, but I’m so paranoid about running out – aahhh!

new yarn

…not needed – but soooo fabulous! As soon as I picked Baby Girl up today I showed her the yarn I ordered from Hello Yarn. It arrived today and I just want to look at it! As soon as we got home we wound it up into a ball – the biggest ball of yarn I’ve ever had. Of course, it’s only about 81 yards. What do you do with 81 yards of fat yarn? and what needles do I use?

first completed project

I must have started Baby Girl’s leg warmers last year. (I’m sure I could look back at my own blog and figure it out.) But I feel pretty good that I have a completed knitting project this early in the year.

She wore them to music class today and danced all around. They looked pretty cute. I’m tempted to make myself the pair in last-minute knitted gifts. They just seem like such a fun frivolous garment to have.


I’ve been in Chicago for the past week. A bunch of us went home to surprise my mom for her 60th birthday. Our flight was delayed all day so we didn’t arrive until 10pm. She was very surprised to have friends and family walk in while she was already in her robe. We had so much fun!

I had to go to work today. So I bought some gorgeous handspun from Hello Yarn. I’m not even sure if it’s enough to make anything, but I’ll have to try…


…so the funny part about this WIP is that part of the project is complete – just missing.

Baby Girl wanted leg warmers, she picked out some super soft purple yarn and I knit. 30 stitches with a 1×1 rib. I finished the first leg warmer and then Baby Girl took it to use as a blanket for her My Little Ponies…now there is no first leg warmer to be found.

At least the second one is started…

gifts given

I made my two closest friends at work wrist warmers for the holidays. I used the pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. It’s a fun easy pattern – i like knitting a 2×2 rib and this one kind of spirals. I was told that they fit well. I made each from one skein too with just a tiny bit left.

p.s. she’s having a boy!


…so I had a little knit night with some girlfriends on Sunday. The Boy cooked, it’s always snowy outside, it was really nice. It was kind of a quiet knit night so I even got to knit a little…