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a contest won!

There seem to be blog contests all the time. Bloggers are so generous and creative.

I often miss them or don’t enter for one of the usual million reasons, but I did enter Amanda’s contest for a photo of my explorer box doing something unique to my home area when it arrived (the explorer boxes were part of the yarn aboard swap).

I was delighted today to find out that I won a gift certificate to Scout’s Swag. So thank you Amanda for your hard work and generosity and thank you Leif for some excellent sledding!

I tied with Carola who was able to take the Leif box home to it’s Daddy!

my likes, dislikes…

My father-in-law sent a link today with kind of a fun toy. VisualDNA – I’m not that impressed by the results about me (although I’m also not a big believer in horoscopes), but the interface is very pretty and I like the flash book it sorts everything into.

I will admit that I like to save every fortune I’ve ever received from a cookie!

more bloggy thoughts

When I first started blogging somebody mentioned that there was a site that would turn your blog into a book although I’d long forgotten where or how – but Soule Mama just did it at Blurb. Pretty genius and I don’t want to forget again. (And remember to make some posts that I would like to see in print!)

gratuitous ski shot with the babe

the new year

I’ve never been sure about resolutions. I like the idea that I should make some thoughtful effort to be a better human, and even pick some specific ways, but it’s pretty easy to pick some pretty trite stuff. I did bump into 43 Things though and it’s kind of fun to see what other people are thinking. And mostly I definitely like the look of it…