best day ever


i've had a lot of best days. this was one of them. today jeremy and i
were able to attend two events at Food & Wine – a three-day food & wine
event sponsored by the magazine of the same name. what an amazing experience. first we were able to attend a 'grand tasting' which is a football field sized tent full of mostly wine and other alcoholic beverages and some food. and everything is meant for sampling! i started with champagnes, had a few wines and as the taste buds went down hill i moved onto martinis. we had mussels, lobster medallions, spanish tortes, sushi and a raw fish sandwich with coffe – it was all amazing!

even better then that event though was the seminar on the cheese course aftwerwards. we were seated in a smaller tent and we each had five wines with 7 cheeses (and a single varietal honey). the seminar was wonderful!

I would do it all again – now!

the wine guy is the wine director at bin 36 in chicago (the menu looks great – let's go next time!). The cheese expert was Laura Werlin – the two soft cheeses on the right side were my favorites.


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